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Yup, it’s true. Facebook have confirmed that we will all have to download Messenger if we want to communicate with our friends on the move. This means that indeed, we’ll have to wave goodbye to chat via Facebook Mobile for good.

Facebook for Mobile

To be perfectly honest, I absolutely love the new Messenger app, (read all about it here) so this agenda by the giant social-network doesn’t really bring about a sadness by me. Having said that, I can imagine that there are people out there who are perfectly comfortable with how things are at the minute, and who haven’t downloaded the app yet… which, to be fair, is probably the main reason why Facebook are set to bring about this change.

facebook-messenger-header-664x374 (1)

Messenger has over 200 million monthly users on the regular, but that is nothing when compared with more than a billion Facebook users who actively log-in via mobile. When I think about it, although I much prefer using Messenger to communicate with friends, it is a pain when I see the red notification also pop-up over Facebook Mobile on my home-screen where the only way to get rid of it is to click into the app to clear the exact same message from my inbox. This is probably one of the main reasons why people have not seen the point of downloading Messenger, because why do they need to?

As said by Zuckerberg, on word of his latest plan ‘to try take over the world,’ Messenger is becoming a big part of the business, and so he was right to make that purchase of WhatsApp it would seem. Having first tested the app on a select few countries in Europe, Facebook are planning to see to unleash it to the rest of the world, along with this new strategy.

Disappointingly enough, you will still see notifications from the Facebook App about new messages, but you will however be obliged to download the app in order to open them.

We’re looking forward to hearing more news about this really soon, but for now we’d just like to give you a heads up… you might as well download Messenger now!


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