Google Chrome is the most popular browser world wide for a reason. As well as being speedy, reliable and jam-packed with convenient features the Chrome Web Store presents users with a host of brilliant and useful add-ons. We’ve taken a look at some of the best Chrome extensions before, so now we are going to take a look at some of the weirdest!


I must-ache you a question: Mustachio 


Do you want every photo that appears on a website to contain a thick and ridiculous moustache? Of course you do! Well Mustachio does just that, it may not be very useful but it is completely hilarious!



It can stop: No Cyrus


She may be the biggest popstar on the planet on the moment but if you’ve had your fill of Miley Cyrus, her permanently hanging tongue, her Wrecking Ball antics in the nip and her insufferable twerking then you NEED this Chrome extension. This clever add on hides all mentions and photos of the singer from your web pages creating a blissful Hannah Montana free zone.



Let’s talk about gender baby: Jailbreak the Patriarchy 


This is an extension with the intention of confusing, frustrating and perhaps enlightening you the browser. Jailbreak the Patriarchy swaps every male or female phrase e.g.  “his” becomes “her”, “daughter” become “son” and so on. Install this onto a friend’s browser without them knowing and enjoy their complete confusion!


Topsy turvy: Upside Down 


Unless you are a little mad there really is never a need to download this Chrome extension, Upside Down does exactly what you would imagine it does, it flips every web site you visit. Perfect for a prank, not fun first thing on a Monday morning.



Pick-me-up: You Are Awesome

You are awesome1

There is nothing like a little encouragement or praise to help get the juices flowing and cheer you up on a bad day and that’s exactly the aim of the You Are Awesome extension for Chrome! This cute add-on reminds you via your browser, how great you are! Stay motivated and download the pointless but sweet You Are Awesome!


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