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Ever wondered how you’d deal in an extreme situation? A situation where all your wits, your mental and physical endurance capacities and your belly are put to the test? Feel like you are up for facing the ultimate survival challenge? Then download Don’t Starve and see exactly what you are made of…

Imagine the gothic and ghoulish atmosphere of a Tim Burton movie and you will get a pretty good grasp on the ambiance that envelops the strange and frightening world of Don’t Starve.

In this game the principal aim is to not starve. There is a hunger meter, which is recognisable because of the icon of a stomach beside it, and you have to make sure that this is never empty. If it is then it is game over.


But Don’t Starve isn’t just a game that requires you to keep your stomach from rumbling! Your character is thrown into a world of wilderness and you must use different types of resources to survive. You need to build fires at night to keep yourself warm, fend off monsters and fashion tools and weapons with items that you collect as you wander.

So now you have cared for your physical health it is time to protect your mental health. Your character has a sanity meter, this indicates how sane you are. This bar drops when you do things that have an effect on your delicate mind! There are different things that the game considers insane, these include, hiding in the dark, devouring magic mushrooms. If your sanity bar drops your character will begin to hallucinate and as the bar lowers these hallucinations become more real so that they can actually attack and even kill you. In Don’t Starve sanity is vital!

To gain a bit of sanity and counter act the hallucinations you must perform ‘sane’ tasks. These range from enjoying nature by picking flowers and, strangely enough, wearing a top hat!

Dont Starve3

The goal of Don’t Starve is to survive for as long as possible. There is a counter on screen that shows you how many days that you have survived. When you do eventually succumb to death the number of days you have survived is translated into XP points. These points unlock new characters that you can play with. Each character possesses an interesting characteristic i.e Willow is a firestarter.

This is a unique type of game that is challenging as well as endlessly entertaining! If you like the sound of Don’t Starve you can download it here!



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