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Yo App

Yo is a mobile messaging app that’s new to market. The app has recently sparked up interest around the world as of its quirky functionality.

The only thing the app lets its users do is interact with their contacts by sending them a Yo.

So what is a Yo?

Yo App

Simply put, when you send a message via the app all that can be sent is Yo. To make it a little bit more exciting, there is a little voice that accompanies the text that speaks to whoever the Yo has been sent to.

It sounds funny but the shocking fact is that its developer Or Arbel has already secured 1 million investment from angels and the app itself already has thousands of users who love it!

Arbel has said that as far as texting goes sometimes all that needs to be said is Yo and that you can use it to say pretty much anything.

I think by this he means that by just sending someone a Yo it lets that person know that you’re thinking of them without actually having to instigate a conversation through text-messaging.

In a way I kind of like this idea because too often two people will text and one of them will misinterpret the messages sent, or will be operating each at different times during the day, leading to misread, and unfinished communication.

Watch the hilarious video below for a few laughs, or get in on the craze by downloading the app here>


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