The discovery of thousands of copies the video game E.T. for Atari in a dump in New Mexico this week has hit the headlines as the graveyard for what some have called “the worst video game ever” has finally been uncovered. In celebration of this momentus discovery we are going to take a look of the most frustrating and truly terrible creations that have dared to call themselves computer games. Here are, without any shadow of a doubt, some of the worst video games ever…



John Romero is one of the greatest computer game developers of all time having created both Dune and Wolfenstein. Daikatana, however is proof that even heroes can fall. A commercial failure and a gamers nightmare Daikatana is a futuristic first person shooter game created by Romero and published by Eidos for Windows in 2000. With such a revered name like Romero on board gamers were understandably excited about Daikatana before its release but when it did hit the shelves critics and fans alike were less than impressed.

Due to its delayed release, it was originally scheduled for release in 1997, the technology used is Daikatana was dated from the very beginning. With games such as Quake III out at the same time as Daikatana, Romero’s seemed slow and graphically poor in comparison.

Even if the gamers could get over the poor graphics they could not forgive the horrific game play. Daikatana presented the game’s shooter with sidekick characters who’s help was essential in the completion of certain missions, but rather than aid the protagonist in his task they tended to get in the way, A LOT. The poor Artificial Intelligence technology in the game’s programming meant that the sidekicks in Daikatana became more renowned for the problems they caused than anything else.

And if hinder some seconds-in-command sabotaging your progress didn’t drive you mental the limited number of times you could save probably would have! For some reason the creators only allowed you to save your progress a few times in each level, very maddening.


Trespasser Jurassic Park 2

Next up is a game who’s truly awful aspects overshadowed its innovative elements. Trespasser was a Jurassic Park game, a sequel to The Lost World, and it was expected to be the most revolutionary first-person shooter of 1997. Things did not turn out to plan however and Trespasser gained the reputation of being one of the most terrible games ever.

Trespasser was plagued with troubles in development. Poor communication between its developers led to the game going drastically over-budget and a series of delays. When it was released Trespasser contained tons of bugs, broken features, missing content and cumbersome controls.

Those expecting Trepasser to be a state of the art FPS were bitterly disappointed. The game which was originally intended to be a puzzle-based survival game was shifted mid development to become an action-based FPS. Quite a drastic change of direction.

Despite all of Trepasser’s faults it was praised for it’s physics based technology. Elements of which later went on to inspire more impressively designed games like Far Cry Engine and Crysis.

And what of its creator I hear you ask? The man behind the concept Seamus Blackley recovered from this nightmare release and went on to invent a video game console called the Xbox, we reckon that he more than redeemed himself!


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